Bachelor education

Before starting at Eindhoven University of Technology, I studied for 4 years at Montan University in Leoben, Austria to become a Material Scientist. After two summers of interning at the company, Hilti, my boss sat me down and we discussed my strengths and weaknesses. It became clear that I should study Industrial Design, as I had a talent for talking to the workers on the machines, questioning ways of working, and being creative in coming up with material testing protocols. 

I made my way to Eindhoven in 2018 due to the combination of creative and technical approaches to Industrial Design. I finished my bachelor’s degree in 2021. I started my Master in Industrial Design in September 2021 because I felt like I had more to learn about the influence of technology on humans. This derived from my Final bachelor’s project, in which I created a digital companion that connects loved ones during times of separation. I was intrigued to learn how people are connected to their devices and what makes them trust these companions. Furthermore, I worked during this time at the Industrial Design company, Bureau Moeilijke Design. I was involved in creating their user testing department, and I wanted to learn more about user testing and research methods.  

Learning activities