How the cookie crumbles

Big Data Systems predict and program our future based on our digital behavior while being mystified to a level of indecipherable complexity. This starts with an incomprehensible vocabulary and ends with a lack of transparency in how our personal data is being gathered. The aim of this research was to demystify the terminology and processes in order to enable people to verbalize their experiences with these predictive systems and empower them to take action. 


This project was my first encounter with Surveillance Capitalism and its mechanisms. It opened up all the questions that needed answering. It created an understanding of how design research processes should function and how I can be of help in the design research community. The creation of the research program brought me into contact with different ways of teaching than in TU/e. It created curiosity about how research could be used to address more societal issues. 

Coach: Kristina Andersen

Experts: Jelle Stienstra