Materialization of Relationships

This study explores how physicalization toolkits, which utilize easily obtainable household materials, can facilitate discussions on abstract concepts. The researchers compared two workshops, Dan Lockton’s Tangible Thinking workshop and the novel Material Metaphors workshop. The diverse materials used in Material Metaphors allowed participants to express more personal narratives by adapting elements to their own interpretations. The study provides insights into collective tool exploration for envisioning a connected future, particularly relevant in the context of the societal changes induced by COVID-19.


This project was a milestone for me, marking the first time I critiqued and adapted a research method. I was fortunate to receive guidance and open-minded feedback from the professor who initially developed the workshop. Our collective efforts culminated in the paper’s publication at the 2023 Cumulus Conference in Antwerp. This experience allowed me to learn the ins and outs of writing and publishing a paper and representing a university at a conference, instilling a newfound sense of confidence. (The published paper can be found at the bottom of this page)

Group project – Course: DDM140 Research methods

Team at the Cumulus Conference in Antwerp 2023

Giving a talk about the paper