On the Move

This project aimed to understand the future lifestyle preferences of Eindhoven residents through future-oriented scenario mapping. The focus was on a scenario where the Dutch government assigns 12% of the population to mobile housing modules by 2030 in response to modern challenges. Eight individuals were interviewed about their values and needs in relation to this “On the Move” future scenario. The study sought to explore the emotions of the residents regarding this potential future. As it was a futuring project, prototypes that come from that future were created to explore that time and as well prompt the participants to think along.


This project played a crucial role in my personal development, highlighting that technology extends beyond mere devices—it influences society, our homes and the way we engage with one another. I came to understand how technology intertwines with social geography, history, and environmental studies, reflecting on its environmental impacts and societal influences. Applying speculative futuring techniques gave me a new lens to anticipate and navigate future complexities. As part of the team, my responsibility was the initial engagement with participants via the digital prototype, furthering my understanding of these complexities. 

Group project: Course: DCM170 Researching the future everyday

Dashboard of online onboarding experience

Overview of the future process of the onboarding process to the on the move experience – created by Rick Knops during the project

Overview of future scenario – created by Yuta Ikeya