How to meme

This research investigates the role of memes in initiating conversations about the mental health care situation in the Netherlands, emphasizing their potential to provoke dialogue. Using a showroom approach in a constructive design research study, a prototype installation was developed to facilitate this exploration. The interactions with participants led to the conclusion that memes can effectively stimulate debate around difficult issues.


This project marked my initial exposure to constructive design research and critical design. I found it exciting to see how research, art, and design can all come together and be used to explore big issues in society. It allowed me, for the first time, to explore the different ways people employ technology for communication.

Group project – Course: DCM100 Constructive design research

Design research artefacts created for the study

1 – press the button to receive a envelope

2 – Take the envelope

3 – Read the content

4 – Place meme

All memes are retrieved from