Thom was a project to research new possibilities for interaction between humans and artefacts. While initially appearing two-dimensional, after short usage, it becomes evident that Thom creates a three dimensional experience. The initial material mapping created an understanding that material exploration is a key part of designing unexpected experiences.


I wanted to create a subtle, expressive interaction that helps create a relationship between the user and an object. This was done by translating the properties of a material into a haptic experience to enhance the relationship. I was inspired by a transition, and I learned how to create a physical and temporal form through research on material expressions.

This project was important for my development because I learned how to create interactions without using speech, worked with a truly interdisciplinary team, and was able to create the code for the project with some help from others. 

Research project – Course: DCM160 Interactive materiality

A photo of the skin and interaction of Thom

Material exploration mapping

Prototyping the skeleton of Thom