My Master’s education made me aware that there are loads of unintended consequences from emerging technologies and systems in our world that have not yet been vocalized. In this sense, I feel like I just woke up. 

My interest lies in researching more of the implications that technologies have on people, but I also want to apply them in everyday life.

Ultimately, I would like to perform more research and figure out how our relationship with these systems could look like if we were to shape them. 

I am considering performing this research in the form of a PhD. The research should be around the relationship between computational systems and humans. I would like to approach it from a more-than-human perspective. How does the relationship look like from the perspective of a non-human? I would like to understand as well the implications between human, technology and the earth. How can we on the one hand fight for digital rights if the land right are being violated?

Alternatively, I look towards industry for practical experience of design in the field of user experience research and applied generative AI systems. The fast pace of a company motivate me to create project fast and with a good quality. Companies have the ability to implement ideas faster and impact can be seen earlier as well.

I believe that I am not done with asking questions and learning. I want to know more about with what we are sharing this world and how we can live better with them. I believe that understanding the entanglements in the physical and digital environment, could help us to create better systems.

As mentioned in Preparation for FMP, I plan to continue working with TU Wien and Peter on a workshop for highschool students to talk about the dangers and ethical implications of using ChatGPT in their school work.