User Experience Researcher at Bureau Moeilijke Dingen

Since January 2021, I have worked part-time as a User Experience Researcher at the Eindhoven based design agency, Bureau Moeilijke Dingen. I am working on planning, executing, and analyzing user tests, improving physical and digital designs, and organizing workshops. Applying the skills and knowledge I learned at university into practice helped me stir my development. I am able to have discussions about design with experts on a regular basis.

Since 2023, I am a full time as a Design Researcher and User Experience Designer at Bureau Moeilijke Dingen. I am the project owner for the development of a healthcare robot as part of a European Union-funded research project. Internal projects, like the development of a more-than-human card deck and the set-up of a research department, are part of my jobs at the company.

Dutch Design Week 2021

During the DDW in 2021, I was in charge of organizing a stand representing the project Fabric4Mask. I was planning the exhibition, preparing the objects, and giving pitches about the project.

Self-organized Prompt Battle

In my M2.1. semester, I co-organized the Prompt Battle, which is a platform for people to contest against one another by prompting AI generated art. Participants learned about the ethical implications of AI and how to use Stable Diffusion at the same time. This shows my drive towards learning how to implement emerging technologies and my proactive attitude.

FH Salzburg talks

I gave a talk for the Fachhochschule in Salzburg in 2022 and 2023 about Design agencies in Eindhoven. The talk was called “The BMD experiment” and it was about the Design scene in the Netherlands and how it is to work in a design agency.


I got involved in the summer of 2021 and took over as a project planner. As such, I was in charge of the testing, organizing, and keeping oversight. It was a project, in which designers, weavers, and technicians came together to create machine woven masks in a time of crisis.

Best practice AI workshop with Pei-Ying Lin for the Wearable squad

I saw a need for a course about how to use AI as a student. Pei-Ying and I organized a workshop, Best Practice AI, in which we let students create their own moral compass to guide their usage of AI.